Rën If what came before is lost, how does what comes next have any meaning?

9th of Wardenlin, 100,023 AO

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The lands and oceans of Rën set the stage for adventure, mystery, and discovery. Larger than our Earth with just as many secrets. I like to think of the world as a library and the six continents, the islands, and oceans as shelves stuffed with books. You can find fiction, nonfiction, theological treatises, government records, histories, and myths here, waiting to be consumed. Just as a museum can depict art and preserve the past, so does the telling of these stories from a Rënian point of view.   The World of Rën is the stage upon which I write the story of "Lost," a fantasy novel series where I explore issues of race, politics, and war by telling the story of a lost truth and its discovery from the character's point of view. Rën is also a Campaign Setting for TTRPGs, which I am currently running a game in, and I hope to open this up to other players soon.   The campaign and the story of "Lost" both begin in the harsh, unforgiving climate of the Salted Sands Desert, where water is more valuable than gold, and the Areians' only source of it is suddenly under threat. Their investigation into this crisis identifies the cause of their concerns. However, that causation unlocks many questions that cast a shadow over everything known about the world, the gods, and their origins. The acquisition of that knowledge threatens the balance of power and the world of Rën itself.  
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